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Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something? The simple answer is yes because not a single person on this earth has NEVER been told no. Me included.

I remember when I was in middle school and my friends were getting braces or getting their braces off and had these perfect smiles that everyone could see and that they could enjoy themselves. Then there’s me. I’ve always had straight teeth. No gaps, no overlapping, etc.

Except to myself.

I always saw my midline off. I always have felt like my smile was “crooked” even though my teeth were aligned well together. I always got told that I didn’t need braces and that it was unnecessary to get them because my teeth were “straight.” Aligned teeth might be straight but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help.

Today, I took the leap I’ve been wanting to take since I was 12 years old. Thanks to my husband, we both decided it was finally time for me to get the smile I’ve always wanted.

Here’s another kicker - “Kyli you’re 28, only young people get braces” NERP. When I was in the waiting room, there were 3 other adults in there with me (probably because it was lunch time) getting their braces worked on.

So here is my message to you: •take the leap even when no one understands why

•take the leap even when everyone tells you “no”

•take the leap to achieve something that will make you happy

•take the leap even when it is deemed “unnecessary”

As my sister said - “I totally agree though, absolutely everyone should feel confident with their smile”

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Erin is a friend of my sister's and knowing that I was going to start showing my beautiful baby girl - I needed to get some pictures taken. Plus at the rate Linkyn is growing, we needed updated family pictures.

We took these pictures in Pendleton, IN nears Falls Park. There are so many gorgeous bridges and walkways in that area however Erin spotted the most beautiful scenery where I did not expect it to be which is where we got most of my favorite pictures.

She definitely has an eye for making something so ordinary, so beautiful.

Interested in booking with her?! Here is her website! Here is her Instagram!

Here are the rest of the pictures from the shoot :)

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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Being a momma, I do anything I can to be able to show off my beautiful baby boy. He was born in 2019 so he is slowly growing out of his baby stages and into toddler stages, which can be fun and also exhausting at the same time, haha! While I was on maternity leave, I saw this cute company that had adorable baby clothes. Little Gent’s Closet at the time was looking for brand reps, and that’s when I thought “I am going to be taking and posting pictures of my cutie anyway so I might as well do something good with it!!“

You may be asking yourself this question, “What is a ‘brand rep’ though?” By definition a brand rep is someone who represents a brand on Instagram or other specified social media.

In Kyli terms, here is the 101 for being a brand rep for Little Gents Closet:

What are some questions I had at first?

Is this company based in the country?-

Yes, she is based out of Arizona!

What all do I have to do?-

Post pictures of your child in the boutique clothes via social media. You also will have a code you can share with it that will earn you credit and get your followers a percentage off. It’s a WIN-WIN

Does my child need his own social media?-

It is not required but if you are wanting to get your little guy’s name out there, it is a great idea, but I personally use my own social media platforms!

What I thought when I first joined-

It is MUCH more than a discount on boy clothes. All of the little gents momma’s are on a Facebook page where we can all communicate with each other and also with the owner. It is so nice to meet all these amazing women who are going through the same stages I am in, or have been, or will be going through but we also relate on the brand rep level as well. Some mommas even have other businesses that they promote in the page as well. It’s a great group of women!!

What questions I had as I went along

How can I help this business thrive?-

This is a loaded question in itself, however I believe the more involved I am, the more the name gets out there. Which in return gets sales for the business.

How can I help myself grow on social media through this?-

I have gained many followers from the Little Gents Momma’s crew because we all follow each other to keep up with what we are all posting, and to also see all the cute little guys grow!!! I have also gotten followers from other people who have boys and are interested in the styles LGC has to offer.

Hashtags ###-

When I first going started with my blog I knew how important hashtags were when sharing information. Hashtags make sure things get seen by the right people who are following that hashtag. This way your page gets seen, your code gets seen, and the company gets more advertisement!

How I stay involved with the company as my son being a rep

This can be achieved mainly through social media, Facebook pages and Instagram pages-

Like, save, comment, share

This is SOOOO important. The more attention posts get the more it will be seen. It also gives the business algorithm on social media platforms to see how popular posts from the page is getting. Every post I like, save, comment, and share whether it be to my actual page or on my story.

Little Gents Momma

I touched on this earlier but we have a group where all the Little Gent Momma’s can communicate with each other and also with the owner. I absolutely love this because I know all of the wonderful women I am working side by side with.

Tell your friends

This one right here has really gotten me far with this page. I am in the stage of life where my friends are getting married and having babies. Some have boys and some have girls, but the ones with boys I always let them know about the opportunities that LGC offers.

Participation in contests

This has to be one of my favorite ones because we sometimes do contests to see who gets the most likes and/or shares to win something special and I’ve thrived in these. This is where your “village” comes in to help!

Talking to owner when I have questions or ideas

The owner of this company is absolutely fantastic at communicating with us and also listening to our ideas/suggestions. We couldn’t have been any more blessed than we are with her!

Are you ready to become a LGC Rep?! Heres the link to get started

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