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I am the worst at makeup. No matter how many Pintrest tutorials I read or watch, I still seem to not be able to catch the hang of blending and getting that professional makeup artist look that some people just seem to catch on to. You feel me? Well here are my eye make up tips for my non-makeup-ers!

So here are my results of what I am going to talk about today. MIND YOU I have had no training using makeup besides practicing on myself for 27 years *lol*


Guys this is my number one most greatest discovery here. I saw people talk about doing this but I had never done it myself. I WAS MISSING OUT!!! This changed up the whole way of my makeup game. Before you put on any eye make up at all, use a piece of scotch tape and make a wing for yourself.

2. Learn where exactly you need light colors and dark colors

The ONLY reason I know this is because of a tutorial that was provided when I bought a set of eye brushes. It said to put certain colors in certain places and it definitely saved my life. The brushes I am speaking of are EcoTools Bamboo Brush set Daily Defined Eye Kit.

3. Use your finger to blend

I have tried using brushes to blend and I just feel like my finger does a better job *shrug*... Again I am not an expert I am not someone that does make up on other people but for me, this is what works the best. When I am trying to make my light eye shadow colors meet my dark eyeshadow colors, my finger tip never lets me down. HOWEVER if you are switching colors clean your finger off first to avoid mixing some colors that shouldn't be mixed.

4. Liquid eyeliner

I never used liquid eyeliner until recently and it is so much prettier than the stick eyeliner. I always used the pencil growing up and I have no idea why I never used the liquid... but now I am older, wiser, and happier with the liquid. If you make mistakes you do basically have to start over but practice makes perfect!!

5. Wear eyelashes

It always helps. I know you may think it's too much when you wear eyelashes or its a lot of work, but the end result is so worth it. It makes your eyes POP and really pulls off the whole look. I always buy KISS eye lashes. Check out the glue I use in my other blog that says what types of drugstore make up I use.


Please send me your tips tricks and easy ways to do make up for people who just don't have that make up talent.

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Hey Y'all!

As I promised I am sharing Linkyn's cake smash pictures! For his first birthday we decided to do a shoot of him eating his cake. This cake was made by Karen Crabtree with Karen's Cake Creations in Kokomo. Photographer is Miranda Fennig with Miranda Fennig Photography. We started off doing a few photos with him in his "I'm 1" shirt which were super cute and I am so happy I got it for him to wear for this! We also did a few family picture with mommy and daddy and also with Grammi!

If anyone is debating on getting one year pictures I HIGHLY suggest you do it! I will always cherish these pictures we took and the memories we made taking them!

Here are his cake smash pictures! For his first birthday party we did an Under The Sea theme so I wanted his cake smash photos to match. We bought most of these decorations off of Amazon, and some from the dollar store.

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We all get em.

I found this awesome article on this page ( talking about how to overcome bad feelings.


•Go outside, take a walk, stretch your legs

•Drink some water

•Recharge with a nap

•Fuel your body with a healthy snack


•What’s the one thing, that if you completed it, would make the day a win? Break it down into pieces and get to work

•What am I doing right now? Is it what I should be focused on? 

•Breathe. Everything will be okay. 

In a funk?

•Are you even judging yourself on something relevant? Focus on helping and serving instead of how popular or impressive you are

•What bad things are you saying about yourself? Write down 5 good qualities for every bad one

•What would your BFF say? Call your BFF. 

Tell me, what do you do to help with bad feelings.

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