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10 Interesting Facts About Me!

1. I initially went to school to be a teacher but ended up graduating with a business degree.

Ivy Tech Community College & Ball State. Chirp Chirp!!! And surprisingly, I started out as a dental hygiene student!

2. I enjoy cartoons as an adult.

All the Disney movies make me happy. Hercules, Mulan, Lion King, Little Mermaid, I could go on for hours.

3. EDM is my favorite kind of music.

I really really enjoy it a lot more now that I used to in high school. I used to make fun of it in high school because I felt like it was so high strung, but now it’s my jam.

4. I’ve played almost every sport growing up

Started out with gymnastics and Tee Ball and things just went crazy from there! The only sports I did not play were volleyball, football (exception of powderpuff), and swimming.

5. I have 5 siblings, 2 half siblings and 3 step siblings

I grew up in a blended family, my mom got remarried after she and my dad got a divorce. My step dad already had 3 children then both my mom and dad had children after me! I love my big family!

6. I have lived in Indiana my whole life

Grew up in north east Indiana and now living in central Indiana, close to Downtown Indy!

7. My parents owned a pizza place in our small town growing up

Papa Davisio’s was the name and they had THE BEST food ever made. I spent most of my childhood growing up there and it may have made me a pizza snob but well worth it.

8. I have never been out of the country

Sadly this is the truth. But I do plan on making out of the country memories with the hubs and my family

9. My first car was a red 1990 Toyota Celica that said Sweet & Sassy too... on the back window

I was rad! Check it out!

10. I’ve been living in this world without my mommy since 2014 and nothing has ever hurt my heart more than that.

Tell me some interesting facts about you!!

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