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10 Things My Pets Have Taught Me

1. Patience

Especially during the puppy stages. Patience is definitely needed, but then when they get older as well. They deserve every ounce of patience on this planet though.

2. Schedules

Dogs LIVE for a schedule. Eating at a certain time, going to bed at a certain time, even potty breaks sometimes. If you go by the schedule for so long then it changes, your dog’s definitely sense it!

3. Caring for others who can’t care for themselves 100%

They depend on my husband and I to eat, play, go outside, etc. Also for love and playing because we all need a little love and fun in our life. It showed me that I’m not the only human being on this planet, and also showed me responsibility.

4. Remembering birthdays

Vet appts, dog groomers, doggy day care. I have to remember their information and I’ve never had to remember for someone else before.

5. Consistency in training, discipline

We used a clicker for Taco, but we lost it in our move to another apartment. But Taco responded really well with it. The other dogs learned their habits from Taco which was great in some ways and not great in others. The most important part of this is to STICK WITH WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING WITH THEM. Don’t let them get on the couch one day then not let them on the couch the next. They will be confused and probably pee on something because they are upset. It may be hard sometimes, but stick with what you decided the rules and training is from day 1.

6. Hugs and kisses aren’t the only way to show affection

Some dogs don’t enjoy “hugs” they feel constricted and uncomfortable. Sometimes going on a walk is the way they accept the affection, sometimes its throwing a ball in the backyard, then sometimes it is cuddling with each other. Each dog is different, just like all 3 of mine are different, and you have to figure that out as you get to know your fur-baby.

7. Learning when he is uncomfortable in a situation

Depending on the dog, again, some situations would be uncomfortable where others aren’t uncomfortable. Some dogs just are not children people, or other animal people. LEARN THIS and keep them away from what makes them feel this way so you can avoid any situations before something bad happens.

8. Keep things off the ground if you don’t want them chewed on

Shoes, sponges, Tupperware, etc. Esp during their puppy years you want to keep things off the ground or out of reach until they learn what is on and off limits. When dogs don’t get enough attention or exercise they also tend to do things like this.

9. Always take as many pictures as possible

All dogs go to heaven one day, you will want all the pictures and videos to reminisce on when that fateful day comes. Whether those be for you, your children, your unborn children.. you always will want something of them when you can’t have them anymore. AND the puppy looks only last so long, you will want a timeline showing your puppy growing up.

10. Unconditional love

Pees and poops happen. Things get chewed. It happens. And you can discipline them but you cannot hold a grudge whether you want to or not. Those little puppy dog eyes will tug on your heart strings and you will want to gather up that little pile of fur and love on them like nothing ever happened. Just like they love you no matter what, you love them no matter what as well. No If’s, And’s, or But’s about it.

One important thing to remember, they may only be a part of your life but you are their whole life. Show them all the love in the world because they deserve it.

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