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10 Ways To Beat Bad Feelings

We all get em.

I found this awesome article on this page ( talking about how to overcome bad feelings.


•Go outside, take a walk, stretch your legs

•Drink some water

•Recharge with a nap

•Fuel your body with a healthy snack


•What’s the one thing, that if you completed it, would make the day a win? Break it down into pieces and get to work

•What am I doing right now? Is it what I should be focused on? 

•Breathe. Everything will be okay. 

In a funk?

•Are you even judging yourself on something relevant? Focus on helping and serving instead of how popular or impressive you are

•What bad things are you saying about yourself? Write down 5 good qualities for every bad one

•What would your BFF say? Call your BFF. 

Tell me, what do you do to help with bad feelings.

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