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3 Small Steps That Could Change The World

Pay it forward – just like in the movie. If you have 3 people you help, those 3 people feel inclined to help other people, then the story just goes on from there. I read this quote one time that says:

“If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do”

And it really touched me. I know some people say speaking kindly to plants is nonsense, but why stop a dreamer from dreaming? So help someone out whether that’s paying for something, giving a gift, etc. We all need a little step up in life to help us get on our feet – imagine what that person’s potential could be on their feet.

Make joy out of all things – You are exactly as happy as you want to be. So why not want to be the happiest? When someone comes to me with their issues, I identify that I understand why there is a problem but then I also mention the good out of it. Because why not? If someone is having a down time in their life, they need to always know that there will be sunshine at some point. Maybe that will be tomorrow or a year from now – but it always shows up one way or another.

Go out of your way even when you feel it’s not necessary – How many times have you been in the line at the supermarket with your one or two items and the person in front of you let you go in front of them because their cart is super full and by the time they get done the ice cream you have in your hand would be completely melted? This is exactly what I mean. If I have a cart full of miscellaneous things and the person behind me has a few items – I ALWAYS let them go in front of me. Why make them wait for my full cart to get finished so they can purchase their soap and razors? That’s silly. Go out of your way to make someone else’s day better or easier. It will show the human race that we still have people who aren’t completely self-centered and still care.

I triple dog dare you all to try at least one of these things a day for an extended period of time. You are going to feel like a great person and karma will always come back around to treat you well.

Have fun changing the world people!!! <3

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