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4 Homemade Baby Foods To Try First

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

As a new mom, we all look forward to giving our babies their first real food. After 6 months of breast milk or formula, the time has finally come! But what do you feed them first?

I have read some advice and talked to people about what they did. Times have definitely changed but one thing that hasn’t changed is the taste of fruits compared to vegetables. Fruits are sweet and delicious, and taste more appealing to babies. So this is why we start with vegetables so they can get used to that taste before we try the sweet, tasty fruits.

So what vegetables should be first you ask? Here are a few choices and how I made them with materials I already had at home.

1. Squash

This is the most difficult one to make out of them all, hence why it’s first! You have to bake in the oven face down at 400 degrees with a bit of water in the bottom. I baked mine for 30 min but depending on how big your squash is, you may need to bake it for 40 min. When you are baking it, you will look for the ends and sides to start to be golden. When you take it out, let it cool so you don’t burn your hands! No need for injuries when making delicious baby food for your sweet baby. You will then scrape it (while also removing the seeds) to stick in the “meat“ in your blender. I used my magic bullet to purée. You will put water in your glass to make it more watery since this is starter food. When you are done, you will divide it out into the ice cube tray to freeze!

2. Sweet Potatoes

You will get your fresh sweet potatoes and rinse them really well. After you rinse and scrub them clean, you will peel them. After that you will cube them up to boil them in a pan. Boil until they are soft then you will drain And let them cool (again no burns PLEASE). Once they cool you will put them into your blender. I added water and blended until they were a watery consistency. Then divide it out into the ice cube tray to freeze!!

3. Green Beans

I used frozen because I couldn’t find fresh green beans in the produce section, keeping my fingers crossed I will next time!! I heated these in a pan (not boiled, just heated) and then added water in the glass when I blended them. Once again divide in the tray to freeze.

4. Peas

The same steps apply here as the green beans. I had to use frozen for these too because I couldn’t find them in the produce section either :( but I’ll do better at looking next time!! You will want to make sure you separate the peas and the green beans in the ice cube trays because they do look similar.

Rice cereal is also a great option in these early, food-trying times!

Here is the end result!

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