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4 Ways To Renovate on a Budget

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

KyliAnn here to let you know how to make a brand new house out of a mess with a small budget!

My husband and I purchased a fixer upper (when I say fixer upper I mean a house that needed everything done to it) the week before we got married. Yes, we are brave! Not only purchasing a house but paying for a wedding at the same time. The budget was definitely slim! I was surfing the web to see how I could make the biggest impact with the littlest amount of money.

Here are 4 tips of how we did that:


Those old windows you’re taking out, use those as decorations! Make them mirrors, write on them to use for menus at a party, put pictures in them! There are so many options for old things you can use for décor. Pinterest has so many options for almost everything in your house. In a bathroom or a kitchen, doing something as simple as changing out the hardware on the cabinets can make a HUGE difference! We even reused our countertops by painting them. Here is the blog on how to do that if you're interested in saving a couple thousand!

Repaint rather than replace

Repaint your doors, cabinets, trim, etc. if it is all in good shape. There is no need to replace all of these things if they still function properly. Painting makes everything new! I have repainted almost every piece of furniture in our house and it created a whole new look for everything! I have found that white goes with most things but if you’re wanting to create a pop of color, this is also a great option for that. You can even repaint the outside of your house for a new look as well!

Do your own demo

Paying someone to knock things down for you when you can do a lot of it yourself or with family and friends is much more cost efficient! And good for the stress in your life too ;)

Consider look-alikes

We all want designer furniture and designer cabinets, but sometimes you can get the look-alike and the only person that knows IS YOU! You can save money and still get the same look just not with the same price tag!

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