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5 Feelings I Am Having In The 39th Week Of Pregnancy

Well guys, I have made it through these long 39 weeks and we are only days away from meeting the precious little babe. With all of the changes in my mind, body, and priorities – the new information my brain has been taking over has really made things different. “Pregnancy brain” is a real thing and the stretch marks on my unrecognizable body have also made their way in. So here is how I am feeling.


This is probably the number one feeling I can say I am experiencing constantly. Whether I am sitting at work, driving, walking around TJ Maxx, or trying to sleep – I am always feeling uncomfortable. There almost always being a foot in my rib or a pressure on my pelvis, but I just have to look forward to that beautiful baby boy I just spent this time making to make everything better.


I could cry at the drop of a hat, even if it’s from laughing. The feelings I go through on a regular basis are limitless. But what I can tell you is I almost always get temperamental at the silliest things, without even realizing it sometimes! Oops! I just have to take a breath and realize that this is all temporary.


Oh. My. Gosh. When Pam Halpert in The Office talks about having first lunch, second lunch, snack, and first dinner at work I thought it was a joke. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE. I can eat all day, every day. My poor husband has to bring me snacks when he comes home from work after I have already done my first dinner, then have second dinner with him. Luckily, have only gained just over 50 lbs so I can keep eating all I want!


Literally there is going to be a little replica of my husband and I coming into the world very very soon, how can you not be excited about that?! Yes, I know screaming, pooping, running on no-sleep isn’t fun, but it’s your own little baby. That’s enough for me to change my whole entire life for!


Did I mention 39 weeks – it’s felt like an eternity some days. I am overly ready to sleep on my stomach again and be allowed to eat as much tuna as I please. And to add to the readiness – my baby will be in my arms and nothing could make me more ready to meet him.

When you were pregnant, towards the end how did you feel?! The same? Or were you one of the lucky ones to have an easy pregnancy? Let me know!!

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