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6 Reasons Why You Love Your Body

As you are getting old you may notice many changes in your appearance. Between the cellulite that you never used to have in high school, stretch marks you never had before you grew your little human, wrinkles you never had when you were in your twenties, and many more – we are all growing and changing. It’s part of life. And even when you look at yourself in the mirror and see all of these things you think you hate about yourself, I want you to remember these 6 things:

Look at your hands: You have pet so many cute animals and dried so many of your tears.

Look at your feet: They have walked you to some of your favorite places and walked you away from the bad ones.

Look at your belly: Think of the days when it’s been full and warm with your favorite foods. For you momma's out there, your belly gave your baby a warm home for 9 months.

Look at your legs: They have held you up when you weren’t strong enough to stand.

Look at your eyes: They have seen so many beautiful things and people.

Look at your mouth: It has told so many people that you love them.

Your body has been there since day 1; Love it, it loves you.

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