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6 Ways To Get The House Ready For Baby

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I’ve been nesting slowly as my pregnancy has progressed. I really started right when I found out I was pregnant, getting things painted and bought before we found out the gender. For me it’s better to be safe than sorry in all cases. (I think I learned this because I was such a bad procrastinator in college-oops!) This is also how I got my husband to be on board buying all the baby items I ever wanted and imagined! Since I was buying one thing at a time rather than buying many things at once, it made it seem like I was spending less money.

Anyway, here’s my 6 suggestions on how to get ready for the baby while you’re still waiting on that precious bundle to arrive!

Cabinet locks

Granted a new born baby won’t be trying to open up those cabinets at first, but I know I’m going to wake up one day and he will be all in the cabinets with pots and pans out on the floor. I would rather nip that in the bud before it becomes an issue. Part of nesting means really getting things done so when you’re busy bonding with your new baby you don’t have to take care of all those silly little things!

Plug covers

Again, same with the cabinets it won’t happen right away however safe is better than sorry! We don’t need any little fingers going into the electrical outlets!!


This can apply to so many things. Such as cleaning out kitchen cabinets to cleaning out the closets to cleaning out the garage. I already know once he gets here, there won’t be any time for washing your hair let alone cleaning things. So now’s the time to really declutter and take care of those boxes from when you moved in two years ago but never really knew what to do with. Goodwill is always accepting donations!


Believe it or not, this is one thing I did right after the baby shower. I got them all washed and cleaned and organized how I wanted them. I even got a little organizer from Meijer for the little parts that I need for the bottles so when I needed to get a bottle ready, it’s all there and ready to go! I really think it will make things easier at 3 AM when I am ready to pull my hair out.


I have been doing this for a while. Organizing what clothes we had into their related size and season! We luckily had a lot of friends who donated clothes to the Linkyn Lemons clothing fund, so we really have been set since for a few months with a lot of clothes! Then on top of that, mommy likes to buy clothes and is really into style PLUS the baby shower – little Link is going to be all set! I have put together little crates of clothes and labeled them by size what they are. Since he is a newborn, I have newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 in the closet – so all the other clothes are in the crates and labeled for when he is ready for those sizes! I definitely think it will make a difference when he starts growing and I need to know where to get what clothes.

Easy to cook meals

My precious Memaw came over on a Saturday and helped me bake and freeze enough for 18 meals for Brandyn and I. I have another blog naming all of these foods we made. Luckily, Memaw has a lot of cooking knowledge so the things I had never made before she knew exactly what to do! Here is a picture of our outdoor freezer with all the meals when we were done!

What did you do to prepare for baby before he or she got here?!

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