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8 Freezer Meals To Prepare Before Baby Comes

In a previous blog I mentioned that my Memaw and I spend a whole Saturday making freezer meals so we could have meals we didn’t have to prepare after our precious bundle of joy gets here! We started at about 10:30 AM and were done at about 4 PM so didn’t take too terribly long and we have about 18 meals for my husband and I to eat! Below are the meals we made and froze.

1. Lasagna

2. Chili

3. Chicken pot pie

**For this one, what we did was just make the mix and when we do decide to cook it we will heat up some biscuits to use as “the crust.”

4. Meatloaf

5. Beef Stew

6. Chicken & Rice

7. Spaghetti

8. Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

The original plan was to put it all into freezer bags, but we only got the spaghetti into freezer bags because of pots and pan space. We ended up just getting a lot of foil pans and cooking everything in that, then just putting it in the freezer. HOWEVER, word of caution to this tale (Hercules quote :p), – have someone help you carry the pans because I lost the top of my lasagna from it spilling because the pans are thin like paper!

I am curious, did anyone else do anything like this before their baby was born? If you did, what meals did you make?

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