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8 items you never knew you needed for a newborn

My day FINALLY came on March 10th when I got to meet my precious little boy, Linkyn. As much joy as it brought me it also brought a lot of “I don’t knows” to my mind as well. I don’t know how to change a boys diaper, I don’t know what that cry means, I don’t know how to dress my baby, etc. Scary stuff right? Definitely stuff you never really thought about when you were carrying him inside you!! So here is my list of 8 things that have gotten me through these first few weeks of a new little life I have the privilege of taking care of :)

1. Night gowns with buttons for easy breastfeeding access.

Especially in the hospital when the nurses constantly have to check what’s going on ‘down there’ after you birthed a human.

2. Wirefree nursing bralette

Seriously I snap and take the cover of when I feed and snap the cover right back when I’m done. I refused to wear a bra when I was in the hospital because I was contamtly feeding him, but the last day I thiught “I might as well wear them and get used to them now” and I’m so happy I did! They are life savers.

3. Pants that go over my belly button but still long enough to cover by ankles while also being soft and stretchy.

Due to Link’s heart rate going down everytime I had a contraction - I ended up having a c-section. Which is all fine and dandy until I realized I had no c-section friendly pants. These saved the day.

4. Pee-pee tee pees.

Not only are they cute and funny but they do the job! All of you boy Mommy’s know that getting sprayed is only common, these help that! I have noticed that when I do lift his legs up to wipe tho that they tend to fall off- to prevent this, I put a wipe over the tee pee and problem solved!!

5. Velcro mittens

Again LIFE SAVER! I had mittens but they were too big for his little newborn hands. My HR rep from work gave me these in a gift bag and they made my life so much easier. I ended up buying more!!

6. Spray on diaper rash cream

HR rep saves the day again with this. Who knew they made spray instead of wiping it on with your hands every.stinkin.time. It makes diaper changes go a lot quicker!

7. Glow in the dark pacifiers

You'll thank me at night ;) espeically when your baby makes it a game to spit it out and cry as soon as you lay your tired head on your pillow.

8. Twist off, clear baby nasal aspirator

The nurses have us one at the hospital but it was HUGE for my baby’s little nostril. I ordered this one because I can take it apart to clean it but also I can see if there’s gunk stuck in the passage.

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