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A Guide To Building A Positive Mindset

THINKING POSITIVE: One of the hardest things to do in today's world.

I want you to think about this. In everyday life, are most things that come out of your mouth positive or negative. Keep a tally, I bet the results would shock you. Just in general, when people do good nobody recognizes it but once someone does bad that is the first thing we tell people about.


Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction, break the habit. Talk about your joys.

I admit. When people ask me how I am doing, my answer is always "tired" and it never changes no matter what time of the day. I have a baby so that is to be expected but wouldn't you as the person asking me how i am doing hear something good rather than bad? I love when people tell me something good when I ask them how their day is going. Whether I get the simple "good" or I get a happy story, it genuinely makes me happy for that person that something good is going on in their life.

Be that person that says a happy story when someone else asks how you are doing.

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you are. 

The self hate is where the negative triggers from. If you're unhappy all together, how do you expect other people to be around you when you're passing around those negative vibes. THey will playoff your negative vibes and also be negative. YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE and make your positiveness contagious.

Think about where you’re going and never mind where you’ve been.

We’ve all been in situations we aren’t proud of. Sometimes we put ourselves in those situations and sometimes they just happen. But that’s the thing, they happened and they are done. In the past. Keep them there. If it doesn’t help you grow, then let it go.

Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.

This is a classic example of the battle between heart and brain. You may “love” doing a certain thing because it gives you joy but knowing this certain thing is not really helping you in anyway puts a damper on that joy. So, what’s best? The best advice come from people who have “been there, done that” Because they can give us concrete evidence why something would or wouldn’t be good for us. At the same time, to learn we must make the mistake ourselves. Otherwise it will sit in the back of our minds and we just wonder and wonder “what if.” So sometimes knowledge isn’t power, but other times it can deter us from something greater especially if it’s stopping us from trying something new. Sometimes you have to try and fail to grow. So moral of this story, use what you know and what you feel to make the most of whatever it is. Joy and knowledge can work great together if you do it right!

How do you keep in a positive mindset?!

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