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Christmas while pregnant

For all mommas that are due between January and September, spending Christmas waiting on your precious bundle of joy can seem like your bun is missing out on the gifts. Especially being my first child due in March, I am ready to buy all of the Christmas presents I can for my baby. I even got a personalized stocking made with his name on it. Although the baby isn’t physically here yet, in my heart and in my belly our baby is definitely here. With Christmas being my favorite time of year, I always go overboard. Last Christmas with just my husband, the fur babies and I.. I still want to buy for baby. And here’s how i made it work!

-buy things the baby needs anyway —pack & play, swings, bassinet, expensive things that won’t be bought at the baby shower —you can never have too many essentials (stocking stuffers) —baby furniture —special and personalized gifts —bedroom decor

-big purchases on Black Friday —research what stores have baby sales, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, etc most of the time puts out their sales early for you to see. Sometimes even online you can buy them all week with the sale price

-books —you can never buy too many —items baby may need later in life (learning, reading, writing) that can be handy whenever the time comes

If you’re big into Christmas, then I hope this helps you buy for baby even before baby makes his or her appearance on earth. I’ve gotten a few giggles and surprised looks when I said I am buying for the baby for Christmas, but being the mother I know what’s best for the baby and what makes me happy. Enjoy your pregnancy as you please and enjoy Christmas just as much!

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