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How to show your fur babies love for Christmas without breaking the bank

If you are like me, my pets are like family. They are everyday parts of our lives just like anyone else would be. Sometimes they are more of a part of my life than family members, simply because they depend on us for their everyday needs. Not only that, but they are FABULOUS snugglers! They always know how to make me feel better when I am down, up, sideways.

Every year, I have made a stocking for my babies. The past 3 Christmas’s we have gained one new fur baby for each. So every year I gladly get to make a new stocking with a new puppy name! Their stockings are always filled for Christmas. This doesn’t mean it needs to be all filled with Kong toys or expensive snacks. There is a lot of leeway when it comes to doggies because they can’t tell you they don’t like something. They are almost always grateful no matter what it is.

Here is what I always put in their stockings and also a little gift for under the tree

· Bone

o I ALWAYS get a bone with a little bit of flavor on it for them so they can chew on something that my puppies cant tear up in 3 seconds

o This year I am planning on wrapping them so the dogs can “physically” open a present and it’ll be their bones

· Treats

o There are little packs of treats that have great flavor to them

o Having 3 dogs, I try to get different flavors so then they can all share them and not have 3 packs of the same treats

· Toys

o TJ MAXX ALL THE WAY – there are many toys that are for all different types of dogs. Stuffed toys, chew toys, tough toys for chewers

o PETSMART – they always have a clearance toy aisle!

· Bed/Blanket

o My pups have crates which we call them their “beds” so when we leave or they go to bed for the night we tell them to get in their beds. This is also their safe place so they love getting into their beds instead of associating it with punishment (but that’s for another blog post;)) Every year I get them new blankets for their beds. Some fur parents put the nice plushy beds in their crates – my dogs like to chew the nice comfy beds! However, they do not chew the blankets. So this is our best option and most of the time I can find them for a decent price!!

Fur babies are just as entitled to nifty gifties as much as the hooman members of the family! So go out and make them feel special this beautiful time of year!!

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