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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am ALL about Geopetric products. All 3 of my babies have Geopetric gear, and I even have Geopetric gear! That’s the great thing about this brand, they have something for everyone!!

We just got our new spring collars on last night and they are looking very dapper. I got a few pictures of them while they were occupied chewing on their beef shins.

As stated on their website,

“Geopetric loves your pet! Our goal is to provide quality-first, eco-friendly, pet products. We offer stylish apparel to represent the connection you share with your hooman too! Geopetric is embedded with conscientious consumers in mind. That's why our gear is made in America, providing fair-wage employment, using eco-friendly material including recycled bottles and vegan cork-leather. Our charitable side: Geopetric continues to partner with animal rescue & adoption programs across the globe to support their fundraising efforts with our donations too! When you shop, you save! Shelter animals across the globe appreciate the kindness and compassion of our shoppers.”

Geopetric comes out with new designs all the time, for the fur babies & hoomans! They advertise a lot of their new products on their Instagram so make sure you follow them for the latest!

If you are interested in a special Lemons discount - subscribe to my page and that code will be sent :)

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