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Whip that nursery into shape!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Being a first time mommy, I am still trying to get the gist of everything. Thank goodness I have 9 months to prepare for all of this!

With my time coming to an end, I knew I needed to get the nursery in tip-top shape! Whether that was my motherly instincts or my nesting kicking in, either way I knew I needed to do something! So I started off with the big furniture. If I could figure out where the big stuff goes then the little stuff would follow!

I started with a dresser that I repainted. Once I found her a place, I knew where the crib would go.

We proceeded to get a glider and I figured out where I wanted that as well.

Our nursery luckily has two closets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One I figured we would actually use for closet things such as clothes and shoes then the other for diapers, wipes, and just regular storage.

At my baby shower I have requested for people to bring books instead of cards so we can get many books but also actually use them for something rather than not knowing what to do with the cards people gave us. This calls for *drum roll*…. A book shelf!! Which will be the last large item of furniture in the nursery. I am still waiting for that to come in the mail but I have an exact spot where I want it to go.

I also got a little baby recliner for him because it was so cute and had a little cup holder. I know this probably won’t be used until later, but I could not resist!!

After all of this, the clothes needed to be washed with baby detergent and put away. I hung most things up except for pants, shorts, and jammies. Who knows how long hanging them up will last but it’s the thought that counts. I am sure everything will eventually get folded.


We finished the nursery in more than enough time for Link to enjoy it :) Here are pictures!

Do you (experienced moms, new moms, soon to be moms) have any tips or tricks for organizing your nursery? Comment them down below! I would love to read them!

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