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How to Pump & Bachelorette

Having babies before most of your friends is hard. There are so many things that aren’t understood and expected from friends who haven’t experienced the miracle of motherhood. We mothers don’t expect non mothers to understand, but since we also have no idea what we are doing.. We turn to the internet to see how we can make things easier.

I have two friends who are getting married one week away from each other, which means bridal showers and bachelorette parties. With a brand new baby, that can really be a shock trying to figure out how to still take care of your motherly duties while being away from your dear little baby.

To my surprise, I FOUND NOTHING to help me with pumping and doing these bridesmaid duties. I definitely figured there would be something out there to tell me what, how, when, and where. I searched deep and really didn’t find anything of value. So it’s time I make something to help all of you future mommy’s to “Pump and Bachelorette.”

Things you will need:

· Pump, pump supplies, and pump charger

· Small backpack (preferably insulated) to carry above items

· Sealable bags to put pumped milk in

· Ice pack

· Breast pumping friendly bra/clothing items

· Napkins/Cloths for wiping access breastmilk

· Thin cardigan/nursing cover

With all of these supplies, you can successfully go to the places you need to while also fulfilling your pumping duties. We don’t need your supply to decrease while you’re gone!

Helpful Extras:

· Set a timer on your phone to keep consistent pumping times (every 2/3 hours)

· Let the bride know your expectations for the pumping schedule

· Keep your pump charged for when you are out and away from hotel/air bnb

· If you have consumed alcohol, don’t dump. You can still use that milk for milk baths!

· Stay hydrated!

· If you have a manual pump, you can bring that around and not have to plug in

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