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How to Spray Paint Countertops

Countertops looking a little drab?

Time to turn them fab on the cheap!!

For all my first time homebuyers, homeowners who don’t have the pocket change to buy expensive countertops, and all others interested in how my masterpiece came alive - THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

Brandyn and I took a leap of faith and bought a house built in the 70’s that needed a lot of work.. I mean A.LOT. of work. We’ve been in our house for going on two years (we moved in the week of our wedding..yes, we’re insane.) and the countertop is still holding up strong & beautiful!!

Paint wise, we used spray paint. You can really use an abundant amount of different types of paint, but we ended up going with a granite look spray paint. It was black with white specks that shot out as well so it gave it that granite look!

Here‘s how it all went down:


We’re going to be using spray paint and it is most definitely not neat and had no forgiveness for mistakes. Stock up on your drop cloths, cover all cabinets, flooring, appliances - basically anything you don’t want paint on COVER IT!


Get some sand paper and sand down your countertops so the spray paint has something to grip on to. It doesn’t have to be sanded to the particle board but you want it to be a little rough.


You will layer the spray paint until you get your desired look. For ours we did 8 layers. When I say layer, I do mean you spray then let dry then spray again. You always want to let it dry in between otherwise your paint will just move around wherever the spray can sprays for the next layer.


This part is long and drawn out, but you want to make sure your paint is 110% dry before putting the epoxy on! Let it dry for 3 days.


Here is the most challenging part of the process, the epoxy. My dad found this cool kit we used and it made the process a little more smoother than I thought it was going to be.

You follow the directions on there and you will get this beautiful, shiny cover over your perfectly painted counter tops!! Here’s our pictures from applying the glaze

Make sure to either wear clothes you don’t care about or protect yourself with a trashbag like Ethan did :)


Once again, the drying process seems to take forever. Especially in your kitchen when all your meals are prepared and made. It’s the price of beauty tho!


Here is our finished product!

There you have it people, DIY painted countertops!

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