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How to Treat your Expecting Wifey on V-day!

“Pamper package” Nails, hair, massage, facials. We preggies live for this stuff. I try to do this for myself every once in awhile but surprising your special lady with a gift card to get these things done will surely bring a smile to her face.

Hire a cleaner Whether family or professional, expecting mommas are tired in all stages of pregnancy. A little help getting some things done around the house make the biggest difference, and takes the stress off of both your shoulders.

Dinner date Treat yoselves – out or at home. A nice fancy dinner is a beautiful idea but with some parents that are ballin’ on a budget that’s not always ideal. So bring that fancy lovely romantic dinner to your own home. Buy a few candles at the dollar tree, get some fancy napkins, a few flowers in a vase, order the meal take out then BOOM fancy dinner at home.

Candy Pregnant women love candy. Candy baskets, chocolate covered fruit, or even the cute assorted ones in heart shaped boxes. Good for baby and for momma! There is also an AMAZING company in Muncie, IN called Lowery’s Home Made Candies if you really want to give your deserving wifey a little treat.

Surprise baby project completed There’s always a “honey-do” list for the soon to be daddy in the nursery or in the house. Whether that’s a chair being put together or the childproofing items you’ve been looking at since you bought them.

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