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IG Accounts You Can't Miss Out On!

It’s 2019 – if you are a human being you have Instagram. Some animals, babies, and even inanimate objects have Instagram’s AND I AM TOTALLY COOL WITH THAT! I love the things people come up with sometimes. It makes life entertaining! I even have an Instagram for my felt letterboard (@lemonaides if you don’t follow). I have compiled a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that I really just enjoy every time they pop up on my timeline.


She is many wonderful things but as many people may know her as, John Legends wife. She is also an entrepreneur for many other fun things in life and on tv. Her posts vary from hilarious to working mom to being fashionable. She really is a role model for all women. Plus seeing her with her kids is endearing.

This account promotes fashion from across the globe. There are many different accounts for each country but this one is the main one that features all of them. Following this account can get you a leg up on the latest trends in fashion. It also promotes some home design as well!! TO MAKE THINGS 100% better….. not only do they show high end fashion – but they also show affordable fashion!


Pawz is an account I have been following for a very long time because their merchandise is so cute! They have mens, womens, and animal fashion WHILE ALSO donating 10% of profits to help homeless animals. Not only do they do/have all these incredible things, but they also post adorable pictures of dogs. I have a few Pawz shirts myself, and they are made out of great lasting material! Definitely worth the purchase.


If you are looking for adorable dog pictures while also wanting a good laugh, this is the place to find it! They post almost every day and all the posts are definitely worth your time. I had a coworker show me this account and I have not regretted it since!


This account features the best hairstyles and hair trends. They promote good products for your hair, whether that be taking care of your hair with products or styling it. There are also MANY tutorials and ideas for your next hairstyle.


The Dodo is a place for heartwarming videos, funny videos, and also lots of animal tales. There are times where the videos start out very sad but they always make up for it in the end. Being very pregnant, I cry at a lot of these but they make me smile so it all equals out eventually! They do a lot of charity promotion too. There was a shelter (Speak for the Unspoken) featured on there that we actually adopted one of our dogs from here in Indiana. I thought that was very cool that not only do they promote world known charities but small charities as well.

@geopetricpets & @geopetric

I am an affiliate for Geopetric and their products are incredible! They are made cruelty free & eco-friendly. Geopetric also makes charitable donations to help animal rescues worldwide. NOT ONLY is their merch awesome, but they feature many pet pictures that are delightful!


We used this company to announce to our family that we were expecting our first baby. I found her on Etsy when I was searching for announcement onesies. I later found out that she was a small business owner, does everything by herself, and has very reasonable prices. Not only does she do regular sayings on onesies but also unique onesies. She always shares her onesies with her followers and shares what state they are going to. It always gives me a good smile!

Now that you have heard my favorite Instagram Accounts – what are the accounts you can't live without?! Comment below!

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