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Our Lemon Love Story

Met: April 22, 2014

At STAR Financial Bank in Muncie, IN. He got hired in as a travel banker and traveled to my branch to help when we were understaffed. I knew Brandyn’s brother, Jordyn, before I knew Brandyn so my first words to him were “Oh my gosh you look just like Jordyn Lemons!” which he hears 99% of the time. The rest is history from there.

Started dating: May 3, 2014

Brandyn wrote up a contract asking me to be his girlfriend. I have attached this below for you all to see. It was so romantic and sweet. I have it framed to hang in my house.

Moved in together: June 26, 2015

We got our first apartment in Fishers, IN and to us it was a castle. It was a 1 bedroom, 700 sq ft apartment but to us it felt like the world. I lived with my Dad and Brandyn had two roommates before we moved in together so there was really no “us time” at either place.

Got a PUPPY: January 23, 2016

Our little Taco officially became a Lemons on this day! One of the best days of my life. Taco will always be my precious little baby.

Got engaged: November 6, 2016

IT WAS COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED AND COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE. I had mentioned to him that I needed at least a year to plan and I wanted to get married on 11/11 which fortunately was coming up in 2017! We had been looking around at venues before this and agreed on one – so that afternoon I was actually coming home from putting a deposit down on our venue when he propsed to me in our apartment. There were roses, candles, and colas lined up spelling out “Marry Me?” It was everything I would have ever dreamed of, espically the guy!

Got a second puppy: November 27, 2016

Little Chet – our sweet baby. Taco has an attitude (he’s a corgi so to be expected) but Chet will cuddle and love and kiss you, where Taco likes his treats and space to sprawl out those baby corgi legs.

Bought a house: October 2, 2017

Our home that is *ALMOST* finished was our very first real life changing adult purchase we made together. We bought a fixer upper in a super nice neighborhood with a large yard and lots of square footage to grow into.

Got Married: November 11, 2017

Such a special day. I have put pictures here for you to see for yourself. Pictures by Steph Parker Photo if anyone is looking in the Columbus, OH area for a photographer!

Got a third puppy: February 26, 2018

Pablo Lemons is definitely our feisty little guy. I thought Taco had a tude, well I didn’t know anything until Pabs came into our lives. He’s just a little guy with lots of energy and we love him very much!

Found out we were going to be parents: June 27, 2018

We had actually just gotten home from a photoshoot for Beloved Brides at White Willow Farms here in Arcadia, IN when I took the test that said yes. I brought the test downstairs from the bathroom and set it on the table in the man cave waiting for Brandyn to see it. When he walked in he was mid-sentence talking about something when he said “what’s that?” Little did he know, it was his whole life changing in front of his eyes. Our baby has been loved so much ever since that very day.

Found out we are having a BOY: November 9, 2018

For our anniversary we went out to Arizona to celebrate, but to also see my family who lives out there. My aunt threw an AMAZING gender reveal for us. She even hired a photographer to catch the special moment. We had names picked out at this point so from that moment on our baby was finally Linkyn.

Now we are patiently waiting to see what the rest of our life brings us. <3

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