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My Birth Story

Every person is unique just like every pregnancy is unique. So of course I want to share my birth story with you so you soon to be new momma's are able to relate and know somewhat of what to expect.

Where to begin....


My wonderful husband took me out on a date to the movies to see Glass (it's awesome, you should watch it) and Olive Garden for dinner. Since my due date was on 3/9/2019 we were expecting this to be our last outing for awhile, and sure enough it was! That night I felt like I was leaking some fluid before I went to bed. I put a pad on and went to sleep so I wouldn't think too much into it.


I woke up and felt normal (normal for being 40 weeks pregnant that is) so I laid around to try to get my last rest in since the plan was to go in the next day to get my cervix ripened. Brandyn even was at work thinking it would be his last full day. Around 3:00 PM I called the birthing center to let them know I felt like I was leaking fluid and they wanted me to come in to have it tested. So I went in to have it tested, false alarm. It was regular pregnancy discharge. By that time Brandyn had left work to be at the hospital with me. Then out of nowhere I lost my mucus plug - which by the way is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. None of my friends, family, doctors, nurses, etc. prepared me for that. I freaked out when I saw it thinking my insides were falling out because I felt like I had been pregnant for 20 years at this point and was just simply deteriorating. But nope, just a common mucus plug falling out. This meant we were in business!! I was so happy for this to finally be starting AND the fact I didn't have to be induced made it even better. This also meant my contractions wouldn't feel like mild period cramps anymore. As time went on they eventually got worse then to the point where I couldn't handle them anymore. I started labor officially at 7:20 PM and gave birth to Linkyn at 4:32 AM on the 10th.


This is where it starts to be fun. My contractions were definitely close enough together that I didn't really feel like I had time to recover in between them. Sometimes I would have a minute or two to breathe and others they would be back to back.

For Linkyn, this was not good. The poor little fella's heart rate started to go down every time I would have a contraction. The nurses were flipping me back and forth while I also had an oxygen mask on. When they realized this wasn't helping his poor little heart, they called the doctor in and she said it was time and that I needed a c-section to keep him safe. At that point I wasn't planning on having a c-section but if it was the best for Link then it was best for me. They called the team in that minute and within an hour he was born. One thing I do want to mention is that my experience with the epidural was NOTHING compared to how some people talk about it. I barely felt it and I would say that it was a lot easier to take than an IV being inserted into my arm. As soon as he got it in my back I went numb and it was heaven. My husband said from the time they made the first incision to the time Link was out, it was under 5 minutes. Lucky us Brandyn was able to take pictures the whole time so we can always look back at it and show Linkyn where he came from!

There's my labor and delivery story. Has anyone else known of one similar to mine? Or even completely different? I'd love to hear about it!

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