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New Year, Know Me!

KyliAnn Lemons. 26 years old (90’s baby). Puppies, sparkles, & tacos.

I am happily married, for just over a year. Renovating a house – but on the home stretch of being finished!! We have three fur babies, Taco, Pablo, and Chet. They are all corgi mixes and I love them with all of my heart. Expecting our first bundle of joy, a baby boy, in March!

I grew up in northeast central Indiana on the border of Ohio. I went to college and lived in Muncie for a few years then my husband and I (boyfriend at the time) moved to Fishers. We lived in Fishers for just over 2 years then moved to our house in Pendleton. We absolutely love Pendleton. It’s a great small town feel that’s close to the big city!

I do have a full time job. I work at STAR Financial Bank as a Personal Banker II. I have been employed with STAR from early college days & currently still growing there! I highly recommend college kids working at a bank. It’s a great resume filler and there’s also so much room to grow at most banks. My husband and I both worked at banks through college, it paid the bills and also taught us many life lessons in the career world.

Family is very important to me. This includes my family, my husband’s family, and our extended family. I lost my dear mommy back in 2014 due to unknown causes so I really try to be around my family as much as possible to cherish every memory I can with them. This also taught me to always take a lot of pictures no matter how “bad” everyone looks, because they are memories that you never want to forget. I have a little sister that is basically my life. I do anything and everything I can for her to make life better. I am sure I will be posting about or with her at some point on here!

But enough about me!!! Tell me a little about you in the comments so we can get to know each other!

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