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New year-New you!!!

**What exactly is a New Year’s Resolution? It’s a “to-do” list for the first week of January.**

80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. My husband is an avid gym goer and he always talks about how busy the gym is in January but by the time Feb hits, its back to normal. That’s just one example I am familiar with. New Year’s Resolutions can vary from health to money to social wishes. They vary from person to person depending on what that person is missing out on in their lives. To be honest, I have not had a New Year’s Resolution since I have been in school. It was always to stop procrastinating and try harder on all of my work. This one isn’t as hard as some others are, such as stop smoking which effects a person every day. School has certain semesters that don’t last consistently all year (thank goodness). This is where it could get easier for some people to stop because it’s so much work and effort to do your resolution every day.

I want to help you stay true to the “New Year-New Me” saying. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself on track to have a successful new year.

· Motivating notes

o Leave yourself little notes when you complete your goals

o Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Maybe start out daily then work your way to monthly. Your future self will appreciate it!

· Friends participating too

o Get your partner, sister, best friend to do this with you! Nothing is better than bonding over goals together. You can also celebrate together!

· Rewards

o Make it a week? Buy yourself a new item to reward yourself.

o Having a hard time at one point to stay with your goal? Think of a big reward you’ve been wanting to really help you get through

· “cheat days”

o We all have em. Try to think what you can do to fulfill yourself but not give all the way in to what your goal is.

o Example: Giving up chocolate? Try something chocolate flavored but isn’t actually chocolate!

· Simply talking to someone about it

o Venting is always a great way to get frustrations off your chest. Maybe to a coworker or a friend would be a great way to get your mind off of it.

· The good feeling you get when you finally accomplish it

o That sweet, sweet feeling of glory when you actually follow through with what your goal was. It is all worth it. I remember when I did gymnastics and really did not like bars. I practiced, practiced, practiced until I finally got my skills. And once I hit my whole routine at the competition, I literally felt like a gold medalist. Even though I didn’t get first, in my mind I got first. It’s all worth it in the end SO STICK WITH IT!

You got this! I believe in every single one of you! Comment below what your New Year’s Resolution is!

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