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Sunshine Baby Shower

I had my baby shower on January 13, 2019 and here a few details about how it all went!

Where: Edgewood Golf Course, Anderson, IN

I chose a venue that could fit the amount of people I knew would be invited – we both have big families and lots of friends!! The venue we went with is where many people get married but we didn’t use the huge amount of space that we could have. Also, they charged me less because we didn’t need workers to be there with us since there wasn’t any food physically being served and nothing being made in the back.

Theme: You are my Sunshine

My dear mommy used to sing this to me when I was younger, so of course I am going to want to carry on that tradition. Not only that, but there are many sunshine themed things out there to get on board with. Pinterest really made things fun finding all of the different crafts I could do to personalize it!

Hosts: Sister in law and friend

My husband’s sister and my best friend did the coordinating, thank goodness. I have had a lot going on just with being pregnant, working, and trying to get the house ready for the baby. They were great and so supportive of all my ideas! They also put all of the games and prizes for the winners together.

Décor: Mostly Dollar Tree & Amazon, some leftover wedding décor

I used the table runners from our wedding, they were silver sequin so they would go with anything! Then we also got a lot of yellow décor from dollar tree and Amazon. My hosts and I did a lot of crafts too. I got some square boxes from the dollar tree and covered them in yellow table cloth from the dollar tree then printed off the letters to make them look like large baby blocks to spell his name. This craft look a lot of time, patience, and perfection to complete but they ended up turning out great! I plan on doing a “how to” for these so anyone can make them!

Cake: Karen’s Cake Creations by Karen Crabtree

I had found a few sunshine cakes on Pinterest that I really liked, but none that I just fell in love with everything about. So I sent over two different cakes to Karen and asked her to use one part of this cake and one part of that cake. It turned out absolutely incredible!! Make sure to look her up on Facebook and like her page!

Food: Finger food

My hosts and my mother in law all contributed to the food and drinks for the shower. They did many small finger foods, dips, and cheese with crackers. Since the shower was from 1-4 it was in between meals so we didn’t think we would need a full meal to make the guests happy. Our menu was pigs in a blanket, veggies & fruits, meatballs, popcorn “about to pop” packages, cheese & crackers, taco dip, and cookies.

Games: Baby poop, string measure for belly, diaper raffle, how well do you know mommy, guess how many lemon heads

My hosts put these games all together and they were definitely entertaining. All of the guests did the lemon head guessing when they walked in, then they also could do the string then if they chose. The ladies passed the diapers around to sniff test them to see what candy was in them to write that down on pieces of paper at the table. “How well do you know mommy” of course had to be done all at once with the host asking the questions, guests writing their answers, then host saying what the answers are to see how many the guests got correct. Diaper raffle was the easiest of them all!! All I did was draw a raffle ticket out of the box and viola, winner!!!!

What were your favorite things about a baby shower you’ve been to?!

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