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Spread a Message at the Super Bowl

If you could spread a message at the super bowl – what would it be?

Would it be for your favorite lipstick brand? Your favorite charity? Your thoughts or views on a political subject?

This is really something to consider with such a large audience to speak to. Anyone who is anyone watches the super bowl. Whether it’s for the sport, commercials, halftime show, or if their family/friends have a super bowl party, it is always watched by millions. So if you had the chance, what message would you spread?

If I could personally spread a message at the super bowl, it would be to appreciate what life brings you and the people you have in it as much as you can. Because one day you will look back and never get these moments back. Take pictures, smile, go do that thing, go buy that thing, just enjoy it more. You don’t get a second chance, get out there and get it with all of your heart!

Tell me what you would use your message at the super bowl for!

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2019

I would like to tell whoever is in control to please change laws on animal abuse and neglect! Make it so animals will not have to be tied up to a chain! Have a fenced in yard if they MUST he outside. Please, lets do something!

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