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Spreading Positivityꕤ

Collaboration between Megan Imhoff (Go give her a follow on Instagram!) & myself.

Our journey on what happens when compliments and positivity meet real life

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

During the month of July, Megan and I spread positivity amongst others to increase morale and overall happiness. And we definitely succeeded doing this! The feedback we received was phenomenal. It seemed to be contagious and do a pay-it-forward effect.

Here are some of the details!

What we did: Complimented 5 times per day

Where we did it: On social media & in real life

How we did it: Whether it was complimenting an outfit, hairstyle, or even kind words on a post – we found what we enjoyed and made sure to let that person know. Giving some encouragement in one way or another.


Our first instinct when we receive a compliment is either to simply thank that person for the compliment or say a compliment back. I have received both forms of these, and something else I have noticed is after I gave a compliment to someone, they were complimenting not only me but other people’s posts as well. I know the social media platforms make it to where once you interact with someone they will show up on your feed more, so whether it was just simply this “social media formula” or people feeling good from the positivity I spread to them I was noticing a chain effect of more compliments coming after my initial compliment. This is similar to what I stated before “pay-it-forward” effect as well. If you have not seen this movie I strongly suggest you add it to your list!!

Megan also made an article! Click here to check out her feedback! :)

I challenge all of you to go out and compliment one or more people a day and see if you notice a positive change. Go out there and make positivity undeniably contagious! I bet the results will not only surprise you, but also uplift you.

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