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Indy January Fun!!!!

It’s January. It’s cold (or supposed to be, you know how Indiana weather is….). So what is there to do around this place that’s actually worthwhile going to? Indianapolis is so interesting and there is always something going on downtown, whether it’s cold or not.

If you are like Elsa and the cold doesn’t bother you anyway, then a night out on the monument circle is perfect. They have carriage rides, you can book 25 minutes for about $70 which isn’t too shabby but the essence of romance is priceless. There is also the actual monument that is free to visitors unless you want to take the elevator – that’s when you hit a little bit of a fee. Not only do you have these fantastic things you can do, there are also many shops and spas to visit while you are there. What’s better than getting pampered by some of the top rated places in Indy?!

If you are not so much of a chilly outside person, the circle center mall is one of the best malls around. That is where I would always want to do my school clothes shopping because of the location but also the selection of stores. There are many restaurants located inside the mall as well! The children's museum of Indianapolis is also a great place not only for family fun, but also adults looking to get out and experience Indy.

As far as restaurants go, there are MANY to choose from. A lot of chain restaurants are located in downtown Indy but there are also some very unique places to eat as well. Rathskeller being one of those places. I took German when I was in high school so we went to Rathskeller for a field trip, it was definitely an awesome experience as a high schooler but as an adult I appreciate everything much more. Not only is the food German and delicious, but they also have bands on the weekend. Scotty’s is always a fun option to visit for some drinks and watching some sporting events. They also have fireplaces outside to keep you warm if you want to get some fresh air! In this blog I also want to mention Champs, Hard Rock Café, and McCormick & Schmicks Seafood & Steak!

If you are looking for a little entertainment there are also many places to go for that experience. Not only does Indianapolis house the Pacers and the Colts, but they also offer many music shows as well. If you look ahead to buy tickets you can find decent seats for a good price to see your favorite artist. I also have to recommend the comedy shows they put on at various places such as Old National Center & Crackers Comedy Club – they do not disappoint!

Indiana natives or former you have any other places downtown that are “must-see’s” or “must-go’s”? SHARE THEM WITH US!

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