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5 Ways To Continue Working Full Time When You Are Almost Due!

Working mothers deserve every single award in the world. My mom worked, my memaw worked, my aunt works, how do they do it without going crazy?! That I cannot yet answer because I am still pregnant, however I can help a little with how I got through working while being almost due.

Being pregnant is not easy most of the time. Sometimes soon-to-be mothers get the easy train with their pregnancy but I have to say that mine has not been that way. I had all-day sickness for 12 weeks, holding water, mood swings, uncomfortableness, etc. Everyday normal activities aren’t as easy as they used to be. I am now getting to the point where even sitting at work is hard. So what did I do to get through it?

1. I asked to come in late two days of the week. I got to sleep for a few extra hours (since I was not getting good sleep at night it really made a difference.) and not take a lunch those days to make up for it.

2. Ask for extra tasks to be delegated to other people. I work at a bank so a lot of the tasks I do, other people are capable of doing as well. For me, I started training people do different tasks that I took care of every week so not only could they learn for when I am gone but to also take a little bit of the stress off me as well.

3. Ask for a more comfortable chair. I was fortunate enough to have a chair brought to me by our facilities manager to make sitting a little more comfortable. They also have those yoga balls that some people sit on to help as well!

4. Ask for new tasks that will be going on longer than you will be here to be given to someone else who is able to take care of that before and after you are gone. That way there are no missing issues, misunderstandings, confusion, or most of all – blame on you for not getting something done before maternity leave. It just makes it easier for everyone. You can still be involved but someone else can be “in charge”

5. Do not hesitate to ask for special accommodations. Just like I did to come in late two days a week, to take a 10 min break in the afternoon, a seat closer to the bathroom, a seat close to a plug in for a heating pad on the bad days. Most of the time people are a lot easier going than they may seem, it’s worth a shot!

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