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Adults With Braces


Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something? The simple answer is yes because not a single person on this earth has NEVER been told no. Me included.

I remember when I was in middle school and my friends were getting braces or getting their braces off and had these perfect smiles that everyone could see and that they could enjoy themselves. Then there’s me. I’ve always had straight teeth. No gaps, no overlapping, etc.

Except to myself.

I always saw my midline off. I always have felt like my smile was “crooked” even though my teeth were aligned well together. I always got told that I didn’t need braces and that it was unnecessary to get them because my teeth were “straight.” Aligned teeth might be straight but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help.

Today, I took the leap I’ve been wanting to take since I was 12 years old. Thanks to my husband, we both decided it was finally time for me to get the smile I’ve always wanted.

Here’s another kicker - “Kyli you’re 28, only young people get braces” NERP. When I was in the waiting room, there were 3 other adults in there with me (probably because it was lunch time) getting their braces worked on.

So here is my message to you: •take the leap even when no one understands why

•take the leap even when everyone tells you “no”

•take the leap to achieve something that will make you happy

•take the leap even when it is deemed “unnecessary”

As my sister said - “I totally agree though, absolutely everyone should feel confident with their smile”

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