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Quoties for the Soul

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and see a quote that you relate everything in your life to? Has there ever just been one quote that no matter what you always rely on that to get through the situation you’re in? There are many of the common ones like bible verses, quotes from books, or simply something your mom always told you when you were younger. We find some sort of comfort in quotes that really speak to us and sometimes even make us feel like a brand new person.

My favorite quote is and always will be “this too shall pass

My dear mommy always ALWAYS said this to me as I was growing up. Fall down and get a boo-boo? This too shall pass. Get a bad grade on your multiplication test? This too shall pass. Heartbreak? This too shall pass. She always wanted me to know that even the smallest things wouldn’t affect me as much as I thought they would when I am in the moment. She also made sure to let me know there were always ways to make these situations better too… But “this too shall pass” was her way of comforting me letting me know that tomorrow is a new day.

Have you ever had a quote that just SPOKE to your soul? Share it with us!! I would love to hear it :)

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