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5 Ways To Get Through The Lows

Warning: reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.

Remember: you are more than what you see here. Way more.

We all go through rough times. It’s the roller coaster of life! Recently I was the Maid of Honor in a wedding and I mentioned a roller coaster as advice to the newly weds in my speech. Here is what I said:

"As you both sit side by side through this roller coaster of life.... remember to:

scream from the peaks, 

hold hands through the dips, 

laugh through the loops, 

and enjoy every twist and turn.....for the ride is better because you share it together.“

And all of that could be translated into regular life situations as well. We all have to be down to go back up again.

So how can you Get through those dips? Here’s five pieces of advice for those tough moments.

•Make sure how you feel is known

I cannot tell you how many times I go back over a situation in my head thinking “I should have said this” “I should have said that” all because I was afraid to express the way I felt. If you keep the bad pent up inside you, there will be no room for the good. Let it out.

•Stop apologizing

I still to this day apologize for silly things that definitely don’t need apologizing for. Some call it manners, some call it unnecessary.

•Negative self talk

This is one of the worst. Talking bad to yourself will never have any good come out of it. POSITIVE SELF TALK will always lift you up.

•Remember, you deserve all good things

Whether you think so or not, we all deserve the good. You can make excuses all you want but you can make good out of any situation by changing your mindset. You deserve the good, make sure you know that.

•Unconditionally accept yourself

Mistakes and all. We only get to do this life thing once, take advantage of it while you can! There are so many people who wish they have the life you have - EMBRACE IT!

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