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Wedding Dress On A Budget

CALLING ALL FUTURE BRIDES! You don’t want to miss this advice!

We all dream about how gorgeous our wedding dress will be but we also don’t dream about the thousands of dollars we spend on them. I am here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to find a wedding dress to fit your budget, even if that is $100.

Every wedding is different such as every person is different. Sometimes we ball on a budget and do all we can to get through the wedding without breaking the bank. You are already spending enough on the venue, food, drinks, decor, etc.. then to top it all off, the dress!!

Going wedding dress shopping is a wedding event that we all look forward to. We get to spend time with our girls and ladies of the family. It’s bonding time but also stressful time hearing all of your favorite dresses are way out of our budgets. And it’s a bit discouraging.

My number one advice on finding a wedding dress: LOOK ON AMAZON

”but Kyli, what do you mean look on amazon? That’s where I get my discount materials for everyday life...?”

Amazon has everything, and I mean everything. Amazon is where I found my wedding dress for less than $100. Nobody believes me when I tell them I spent $99 on my dress. Here are pictures to prove it!

And here is the picture of the dress for sale on Amazon.

Now I know you all have questions such as

•how did you know it would fit?

I saw it was from a Chinese seller so I ordered one size bigger than what i would normally get. I did not order a custom size so I could return it if it wasn’t something I liked.

•what would you do if you didn’t like it?

I had no clue what I was buying except for what the reviews told me and at that time there were only a handful with pictures. I went with my gut and thought “if I didn’t like it, I can return it. And if I can’t return it, I am only out $99.”

•how did you know it would look nice?

In the reviews, I carefully looked at the pictures that were provided and decided that in every picture it still looked gorgeous and exactly what I wanted in my wedding dress. I took a chance and it ended up being a great decision!

All in all, if you know what style you want in a dress and have a tiny budget - look thoroughly on Amazon, check the reviews again and again, and take a chance. You never know, you may fall in love with a dress that’s less than $100.

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